The View From Wetumpka Hill

About Linda Mercer and Wetumpka Hill

Wetumpka Hill is my home, a cabin in the WV mountains on a hill (naturally) that literally runs with water in the springtime or any other time of flooding. Wetumpka means “Falling Waters”, hence “Falling Waters” Hill. I share the ten acres with my English Springer, Precious, and an almost ancient parakeet named  Mr. Feathers. I retired from the federal government as an operations analyst for the Naval Surface Warfare Center a few more years ago than I care to count and now volunteer for several nature-related organizations and the great rescue organization where I got Precious.  That’s in case you’re interested. Currently, I am studying to become certified as a West Virginia Master Naturalist which will enable me to help more people enjoy our natural world.

I’m just getting started on this blog. I’ll probably comment on everything from the debt ceiling fight (booooo!) to the acting skills of Alex O’Loughlin (superb!) but, mostly, I’ll probably just rant on about my life in the West Virginia mountains and hope that my friends are interested enough to drop by and occasionally leave their own comments.

My "Precious" English Springer

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